The world knows how it turned out. While Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton won the popular vote for the US Presidential election on Tuesday evening, the Republican nominee, business mogul Donald J. Trump was declared the victor via the Electoral College process on Tuesday evening. There was no controversy around ballot counting and hacking (although there were numerous accounts of African-American voter suppression across numerous states). Whether satisfied with the outcome or not, Mr. Trump won based on our electoral process.

However, in the three days following the election, outcry from both sides of the ticket poured into our streets and across our social media platforms. The message was overwhelmingly clear: safety, unity, and identity are at risk. Liberal voters took to the streets to protest outside numerous Trump landmarks across Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. And on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Hillary Clinton supporters shared heartfelt stories of disappointment and fear.  

On Wednesday, Insanul Ahmed, senior editor at music knowledge-sharing blog Genius, published a lengthy list of “tweets about racist episodes POC [sic] are facing now that Trump is our President Elect” to his Twitter account. The disturbing accounts...(click to read more)