Incoming Dean of Students at Booth Madhav Rajan spoke with editors of ChiBus May 5.

Incoming Dean of Students at Booth Madhav Rajan spoke with editors of ChiBus May 5.

By David Antos, Class of 2018 and Klariza Alvaran, Class of 2018

Why are you here and not somewhere else?

I guess I’m just lucky. Steve Jobs famously said that you can never connect the dots looking forward but only backwards. However, considering my background, the things I have done and where the new role might lead me, I’m pretty much exactly where I would like to be. In particular, I believe I think very similarly about academic life and research as the University of Chicago and I shared the belief in using latest research as a basis for teaching, business practice and policy making.

Speaking of research, how did you discover your passion for accounting?

I wouldn’t say this is how I became an accounting professor. Many decisions you make for all kinds of random reasons. My older brothers were engineers, which was the standard thing that everyone does in India. And I thought I didn’t want to be just like my brothers, I wanted to do something different. So, I decided to study ‘commerce’, which is an equivalent of Wharton’...(click to read more)

Out Of the Loop: Exploring Boystown through the Pink Party!

By Disha Malik, class of 2018

If the amazing gifs in the promotion emails were any indication, OUTreach’s #PinkParty was bound to be a fun-filled evening. This Saturday, over 300 Boothies from the Full-Time and Evening / Weekend program ventured out of the loop and descended upon Sidetrack Video bar in Boystown. After briefly selling out earlier in the week, Pink Party managed to find tickets for those who were having no success on the secondary market. The second wave sold out quickly too and people on the waitlist continued...(click to read more)