IRL: It Isn’t Just You & It Isn’t Just Me

Catherine Frances Napier

Catherine Frances Napier

Leaving Gleacher at 9:30pm, to get home by 10, to maybe get up at 5am for a workout (shelling out $30 for SoulCycle seems to be the only thing to get me out of bed), to return to Gleacher at 6pm the next day, to coming to Gleacher another day for a meeting, to bringing my A game to work, to managing my grandpa’s transition to hospice while studying for finals, to squeezing in date night to celebrate my boyfriend’s win in a competition (he’s pretty cute and is a #FellowBoothie), to trying to make lifelong friends at school (√check), to figuring out career next steps (can Career Services be added to my speed dial? Shout out to Kelly O’Brien), trying to fit it all in – and doing it all in the most cost effective way (note: making my own dinner wasn’t included in any of that). Sometimes, it’s easy to think, wow, look at my schedule.

True – we are busy at Booth. If Booth teaches us something quickly, though – it’s that it isn’t just me, it isn’t just you. I think that is one of the coolest lessons we learn at Booth.

Here is what busy means to Boothies:

Samantha Darnell welcomed a baby boy last fall, while being a student. Anyone who can carry a baby while being a student deserves immense credit. In the middle of her pregnancy, she also landed a new, great job. She balances motherhood and school.

Amado, a Gleacher cashier who always wears a smile, works at Gleacher from 2pm-9pm and is home by 11pm every night. He gets up at 5am to drive Ubers until 12pm. He takes a quick nap when he gets home before heading back to Gleacher. Amazing.

Kevin Bendle works at the Gleacher bookstore. He worked to effortlessly give Booth students a discount on Booth gear if they were signed up for an SAC athletic event. He also shares that he has completed over 60 quarter starts. While most bookstore managers only deal with two semester starts per year, he deals with four quarter starts! He is the reason all your books are available.

Naved Siddiqui is enrolled in four classes this quarter on top of his full time job. He is working to complete 12 classes by August so he can participate in OCR. He is working to achieve his dream career.

Lindsay Badeaux constantly balances a ton of work travel to recruit the best future Boothies, which means she also works a lot of nights and weekends to make that happen. She also ensures she has fun in her busy life – including adding guitar lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music to her schedule, caring for her two pups, and enjoying time with her husband. #workhardplayhard

Bryan Scherer landed an investment banking summer internship while working a full time job, planning a wedding, and taking M&A Strategy and Financial Statement Analysis in the fall quarter (both classes are known as some of the toughest at Booth).

I hope this inspires every Boothie. Sometimes, it’s easy to be worn down with everything on our plates, but the entire Booth community is in this experience together. Whether you’re a student or you’re supporting us students succeed, you are not alone. It isn’t just you on this journey. We are all in this together. It is a beautiful thing.

Catherine works at Northern Trust in wealth management, loves yoga, creating content on, and the peanuts at the Midway.