Evening/Weekend Leadership Retreat Offers Part-Timers Chance to Reflect on Their Booth Experience

by Enxhi Zekthi, E/W Class of 2020


On Saturday, January 19th, the Program Office and the Leadership Development team piloted a Leadership Retreat for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. Students had the opportunity to relive their Launch experience by reflecting on their time at Booth. The two-day retreat was aimed at Evening MBA & Weekend MBA students who had completed at least 10 courses. It was an overnight off-site leadership retreat with a focus on increasing leadership awareness, skill development and strengthening the network base.

The retreat began at Gleacher. Students boarded the shuttle and headed to the Hyatt Hotel where organized events were held during the evening, such as Booth trivia. On Sunday, students continued their fun activities at the beautiful Harper Center where they attended two workshops of their choosing to learn more about leadership development, networking, and strategy planning among other skills. Evening student Nima Jahedi, recalls “the event brought back Launch’s memory. On Saturday, we went to the “the pub” in the basement beside Harper center and then held talks in the winter garden at Harper along with various sessions in different rooms at Harper. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

One session entailed Boothies reviewing their MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory) assessment which aims to understand what motivates individuals to succeed in their careers, at school, and their personal lives. Other sessions included “Leader as Coach”, “Raising your Innovative Quotient”, and “Inclusive Leadership.” These sessions aimed to explore how values, motivation, and preferences influence individuals’ leadership approaches and the impact it has on others. It also provided Booth students the ability to work together in team building challenges. Evening student Sarah Kerin recalled, “we did a team building exercise and attended sessions of our choice on Leadership style, skills, and strategy. Leadership Retreat was a great opportunity to network with other Booth students and take the time to reflect on our Booth experience as a whole!”

For part-time students, juggling their careers, families, and school can be a challenge, so the ability to self-reflect and realize how much they have grown during their time at Booth is a wonderful opportunity. Part-time student Aly Kasberg perfectly summarized the event stating “the Leadership Retreat was a nice way to revisit with the concepts taught at Launch now that we’re halfway through our degree. Going to school part-time means we’re often time-starved and don’t always have the mental space to reflect on what type of leader we want to be, or what skills we need to craft to get there. The Leadership Development team did a wonderful job planning a day full of educational activities and opportunities to just have fun with fellow Boothies.”