IRL with Adam Meyer: Atlanta-Minneapolis-Chicago: A Classic Week for a Weekend Student

Adam Meyer, Class of 2018

Adam Meyer, Class of 2018

Before Weekend student Adam Meyer’s morning class, Adam has flown from home in Atlanta to his consulting project in Minneapolis and then to Chicago for school. He’s even made it to a 7:15am Orange Theory workout class.

Despite the busiest travel schedule of even most Weekend students, Adam continues to find ways that Booth lessons have been applied in real life. In Professor Yoad Shefi’s Competitive Strategy class, Adam learned to try to find ways that nobody will emulate what you or your business can do.

In consulting, we talk about how it’s about owning your brand or your career, and I try to be a resource that no one can emulate so that people want to work with me by offering what I would deem as my competitive, sustainable advantage,” Adam says.

Booth has also taught Adam how to frame questions and remove bias from projects.

He elaborates, “It’s helpful just to listen. [Framing questions] makes you see how people approach problems with different biases, and being able to see something and be objective is key. If you can do that in consulting, you’ll be successful because you need to see the problem the way it is, not the way people want it to be.”

Balancing all the travel has also taught Adam to truly maximize his day. “I commit to being wherever I am,” he says.

To Adam, travel time is definitely not dead time – it’s what we would call Adam is definitely alive time.

“Because I spend so much time on planes or in airports, I have to be really productive wherever I am. So, when I get in on the CTA in the blue line, it’s a 45-minute ride. I am not just going to do nothing. I will work for that 45 minutes.”

How does Adam maintain this motivation?

Having a goal to work toward certainly helps. I really want to get all of the skills and such that come with the business degree. I am just trying to learn as much as I can. Given that I have future pursuits of running a higher education institution, I know this degree will help me get there,” Adam shares

Besides school and applying Booth lessons, Adam appreciates what else is needed.

Catherine Frances Napier (CFN), Class of 2018

Catherine Frances Napier (CFN), Class of 2018

“It’s about time management. So, if I want to play golf, then in order to play golf, then I need to work an hour extra every day of the week and whatever else that means. I just accept there is a trade off for doing these things. But I don’t compromise my hours in the gym. Sleep is a given.”

So is Adam’s Saturday 7:15am workout before class.

“You have to take care of your body, because it’s brutal what I do to it. It’s really important to protect it,” he says.

When Adam has a break, he most enjoys getting to know the Booth community. To Adam, the people are the best part of Booth.

“It’s nice because everybody’s motivated. It takes a different kind of person to give up their Saturday. Everyone is giving up something that’s super precious, so you know everyone is serious about what they’re doing. I really do enjoy the Saturday lunch hour – whether it’s the clubs or meeting new people at lunch, it’s a nice time to be able to do that.”

Catherine Napier works at Northern Trust in wealth management, loves yoga, creating content on, and the peanuts at the Midway.