Halfway There

Mike Sharifi, Class of 2018

Mike Sharifi, Class of 2018

An interesting part of being an Evening/Weekend student is that there is no pre-determined “halfway” point of your MBA. There’s no summer after sophomore year of college or internship between full-time MBA years that give you a chance to reflect on what you’ve already gone through. This doesn’t exist during the Evening/Weekend programs and if you don’t pay attention, the moment may pass you by. For some of us, you might complete Class 10 and begin Class 11 a week later without much time to digest. Having just finished my tenth class at Booth, I wanted to take some time to reflect on these past 15 months, as I prepare for the 15 months to come. Hopefully, these insights can help you as you prepare for the remainder of your time at Gleacher as well.

    One of the major things that I’ve learned being a part of the Evening/Weekend program is that while it’s a major grind adding 15-30 additional hours to our already busy weeks, we should never lose sight of the big picture and why we are here. Some of us are here to change careers, which I’ve recently done through connecting with a Booth Alum (Thanks Rock!), or discover and develop strengths we may not know we have - but one of the things that I’ve noticed is that we may lose sight of some of our intentions as we “go through the motions”. This isn’t to say that our goals and aspirations do not change over time, because they most certainly will, but making sure to remain in control of our MBA experience is important as we progress.

    Additionally, I was able to learn the value of attending student events early, but with time, I felt too busy to attend events as frequently. Last quarter, I didn’t attend a single Midweek at Midway or SQA. Was it because I was too busy or had too many challenges with the Littlefield Simulation in Operations Management? Possibly, but I more likely made excuses to stay involved. With this in mind, I will make more of a concentrated effort to make it to at least a few events this quarter, and I challenge each of you that couldn’t make it to an event last quarter to change that as well!

    Finally, as I look forward to these next five quarters, the primary thing I won’t lose sight of is how Booth has made an impact on my everyday life, on multiple levels. From work projects with alumni to planning my wedding guest list that will include classmates, it’s become evident that Booth has already made its mark on me and I’m definitely better of for it. Booth is no longer just the classes or the Gleacher Center, but who I text to grab a drink after work and who I’ll play pick-up basketball with on the weekends. Booth is definitely what we make it and I hope that 15 months from now, looking back on my experience as a student will be a strong indicator of my future as an alum.


Mike is an Evening MBA Student and a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Vista Consulting Group. His hobbies include running, volleyball, and exploring local restaurants.