In Real Life with Phil Giglio

Phil Giglio is on the path for his second advanced degree

Phil Giglio is on the path for his second advanced degree

23% of Booth students have advanced degrees before starting Booth. Not only is weekend student Phil Giglio one of those impressive students, he’s also back at the University of Chicago for round two.

Phil always knew he wanted to go to law school, and landed at – where else – the University of Chicago to pursue that dream. He has been practicing law for four years working with private equity clients (and working 60 hours per week on average). He assists clients in forming their funds, ensuring their compliance with regulations, working on M&A, and much more.

While in law school, Phil enrolled in Booth’s renowned Negotiations class. The lessons learned in Negotiations regularly apply in Phil’s everyday life.

“Given that my job is essentially predicated on negotiating, that class has been hugely valuable. I use those skills in everyday practice,” Phil shares.

“We learned that when you negotiate, people don’t like silence. If you put silence on someone, they’ve a tendency to talk to break that silence. And when people talk, they give away information, and information is the most valuable asset in a negotiation,” he says.

While others might feel awkward, Phil appreciates the valuable silence in negotiations, thanks to his lessons at Booth. He applies this lesson every time he negotiates on the phone – which is 99% of the time.

As a current Booth student, Phil participated in the annual Oxford Chicago Global Private Equity Challenge between Booth and Oxford. Students form a team, create an LBO model, and pitch a company as if they’re pitching to an investment committee at a private equity firm. Given Phil’s legal specialty, this gave him the perfect opportunity to learn more about the investments side.

“I sit on the other side of the private equity landscape,” he explains. “Making the pitch to a hypothetical client was a great change of perspective. It gave me great color as to what my clients go through on a daily basis.”

Further, Phil and his team worked to create a group with a great deal of diverse perspectives – including bankers, consultants, and a lawyer.

“We all brought a different skill set to the table. We had a really great team dynamic based on the fact that we all came from a different background.”

Catherine Frances Napier, Class of 2018

Catherine Frances Napier, Class of 2018

Phil’s latest team project involved applying to this year’s New Venture Challenge with another impressive group – a full time student, a part time student, a partner at a law firm, and a Booth professor.

“For the past two months, we’ve been working on proposing a new legal software solution and hoping that we get accepted into the program. That will kick up the amount of schoolwork I’ve got,” he adds.

Phil is clearly not a stranger to hard work – he balances an impressive legal career (including billing 100 hour weeks at times) and being a Booth weekend student. To Phil, Booth is absolutely worth it.

“Booth changes the way that you approach problems. Lawyers are trained to think a specific way and to think about all the possibilities of what could go wrong, almost to the point of inertia, and Booth teaches you what to focus on and how to sift through what doesn’t matter. It’s a very different way of thinking. The framework with which we’re taught to think at Booth really complements the legal training and education that I’ve had.”

Catherine works at Northern Trust in wealth management, loves yoga, creating content on, and the peanuts at the Midway.