Second Quarter Signoff

The first of my three classes has concluded for the quarter.

Catherine Frances Napier, Class of 2018

Catherine Frances Napier, Class of 2018

It's very weird to walk away from another quarter end. You go to class each week struggling to do everything you want to do. You always feel behind. You didn't read the optional reading, and you skimmed the reading that wasn't required for the case write ups you work on.

Then, all of a sudden, class ends, and you realize all the amazing things you learned about companies - how people are the force to drive change, how managers matter, how timing does affect your success.

You also realize all the cool and fascinating people you met in class - the full time students who sound so sure of themselves (in an awesome way) and sip out of Bain water bottles, the part-time kids who work all day and then show up for class (and the girl who makes it to hot yoga after class), and even Amado who works as the Gleacher cashier who knows all the times you spend too much on a last minute water bottle or even that homemade Rice Krispie Treat. #woops

You hop in a cab home, not only because Uber wasn't surging but because you're drowning in so much other work that you haven't done yet (and you just want to sleep - because when was the last time you got 8 hours?).

Each week feels like a marathon. Each Thursday night, you feel like you survived another one. You somehow made it.

And then it all ends! The lessons in those class are learned, or as much as they can be when you're mingled in a bunch of other conflicting priorities - family, work, friends, school, board commitments, working out, dating, paying $95 so your apartment is cleaned for your weekend guest because it's Wednesday, you have class tonight and Thursday, and your friend is now coming Friday.

It's really a beautiful experience because you learn and you somehow SURVIVE. You realize how amazing the human spirit and human resilience are - not only with long days, but learning how companies struggle but thrive, how your friend in class just got pregnant (and how she and her husband are excited to start a family, even while she’s in school) and she still manages to rock every class discussion.

It's really hard to balance it all because you want to do everything so well, and with so many balls in the air, you're not going to do everything well. You learn B-school is called B-school for a reason (A’s are hard to get!).

But you learn as much as you can, you get a paycheck, you work hard, and you have fun!

Can't believe another quarter is coming to an end. I'll be saying the same thing in two years when it's all over.

Hope I remember how grateful I am to be there, to feel so appreciated, to learn, to grow, and to feel so connected to this amazing community.