Surviving Quarter One

Mike Sharifi, Class of 2018

Mike Sharifi, Class of 2018

Fall quarter as a returning Evening MBA student in an interesting time, to say the least. The warm weather is fading and the days are getting shorter. Work for most of us is picking up ferociously before the holiday standstill, and after more than a month off, we are reacclimating to the comforts that remind us why we choose Booth. From seeing last year’s MBA Cup trophy in the lobby to George’s smile at the Midway Club four floors above, there are many reminders that this place is home.   

There are familiar faces in the lobby of Gleacher as you walk around on your first day, but even more noticeable are the faces you don’t recognize. They are the newest members of this exclusive “fraternity”, and can very well be your next group partner. I look at these new faces and think about my first emotions when I was in there shoes last fall. Excitement, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, pride, panic. We all feel these emotions to varying degrees, and they are often hard to process. However, I hope this article provides the newest Evening and Weekend class with a few quick tips that helped me get beyond my emotions and create a plan for my first quarter.

Tip #1: Get Involved…but be Realistic

    We all know that there is much more to Business School than what we learn in the classroom. Getting involved with student groups is a key attribute to the Booth experience that you cannot replicate. Whether or not you were able to attend the SAC Activities Fair, it is important to check out all the groups Booth has to offer and contemplate join those that may pique your personal or professional passions.

    That said, be realistic about your workload in the classroom and the workplace. While we are eager to jump in and make the most of our Booth experience, I’ve come to learn that balance is what makes part-time work. Whatever your balance may be, make sure that you do not exceed the point where your marginal costs exceed your marginal benefits (thank you Booth for making me think in these terms).

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

    Mark everything on your calendar. Google Calendar, planner, or anything in between, make sure that you are keeping tabs on everything on your plate. The first few weeks of class may go by smoothly, but come midterm season, preparation is key. Work, school, family, travel, etc. will come at you quick, and long-term success is imperative on your ability to stay organized.

Tip #3: Remember Why You Chose to be Here

    This tip may seem a little redundant to some. You may be thinking: “Well, I’m here because it’s one of the best schools in the world”, but there are deeper motivations for each of us coming to Booth. Never lose sight of these, and while they may change as life changes, it’s always important to remember the reason we are here.

Mike is an Evening MBA Student and Director of Talent at Telnyx. His hobbies include running, volleyball, and exploring local restaurants.