Exploring Non-Booth Electives

Klariza Alvaran, Class of 2019

Klariza Alvaran, Class of 2019

I couldn’t help making a hearty fist pump on my bus ride to work the morning of September 9. It’s not something I would normally do, especially by myself in a public place, but I had to celebrate being accepted into my dream class for the quarter: a special topics Creative Writing workshop on “Crossing Genre Boundaries” offered by the University.

The decision was strategic as well because the Creative Writing course will also act as one of my six electives outside of Booth that also count toward the requirements of my MBA degree.

The flexible curriculum at Booth is one of the hallmarks and key differentiators of its MBA program, and the allowance of six elective courses from outside of Booth allows MBA candidates to experience the breadth of academic opportunities beyond the business school. At the same time, students have the freedom to do so without having to pursue a dual degree program or other joint program offering at another school within the University.

This openness in registering for non-Booth electives also gives students a chance to craft an MBA experience that more closely aligns with their personal and professional goals. One example could be an an MBA student who wants to transition into a role within the public health space; that student may benefit from taking the Introduction to Global Health that has historically been offered over midday, twice a week during the winter quarter by the Department of Public Health Sciences.

But I know what some of you Evening/Weekend students are thinking: I have a full-time job, how could I possibly enroll in a class outside of Booth?

Fear not, because other departments and schools do offer coursework that can complement a full-time schedule, as long as you have a little bit of timing flexibility. In this quarter alone, the Harris School of Public Policy is offering a course on The Business of Nonprofits and the Evolving Social Sector on Mondays 4-7:30pm, and the Law School is offering a (waitlisted) 4-day seminar on Cross-Border Transactions: Securities, M&A, and Joint Ventures Oct. 10-13 from 6:10 to 8:15pm.

With all this in mind, you may want to consider taking a non-Booth elective as your plan your courses for the rest of your Booth journey to craft a more tailored MBA experience for yourself.


Ideas for Non-Booth Electives

Thinking about taking a non-Booth elective? The following suggestions may be worth exploring.

ENGL 33000 Academic and Professional Writing or “The Little Red Schoolhouse” – This highly regarded writing workshop takes an audience-centric approach on the craft of effective writing for school and work contexts alike.

LAWS 75006 Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets – If you’re interested in working in emerging markets, this may be just the class for you. This course focuses on law and policy that impact corporate activities.

PPHA 39330 Education Reform and Policy – Want to make an impact in the field of education? This course offered by the Harris School of Public Policy explores various issues that impact education.

CRWR 34102 Special Topics in Nonfiction: Knowledge Journalism – Jeff McMahon’s Knowledge Journalism allows students to hone their writing skills on specialized subject matter in a way that non-expert audiences can also appreciate.

Klariza Alvaran works at Curiosity.com and does freelance marketing. She enjoys writing sci-fi, crocheting hats, and making music.