Maintaining Your Sanity During Winter Classes

“If you have to take difficult classes or have a three course quarter, aim for winter...there’s nothing better to do!” I’ve heard this quote one too many times in my year and a half at Gleacher, and while I agree that taking Multivariate Time Series Analysis may make better sense when the sun sets before 5pm, it is clear with Winter quarter midterms that we each need something more in the Chicago cold than work and school. Hopefully these suggestions will help you keep your sanity until spring.

“Read” Something Non-School Related

We’ve all told ourselves that we will pick up a book after the quarter ends, but how often does that actually happen? I know it can be difficult to get in the habit of reading for pleasure when there’s enough to deal with class-wise, but a great alternative are audiobooks. Whether it’s Audible or something else, I would recommend giving an audiobook a try for your downtime during the day or at work. For shorter, more direct listening satisfaction, podcasts can also help stimulate the mind without much time or effort.

Attend a Bulls or Blackhawks Game

I know the Bulls are a mess and that hockey isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however there’s more to Chicago sports than the Cubs. Since I first went to the United Center in 1995, the food, drinks, and overall vibe have improved significantly, and with West Loop restaurants and bars down the street, it could be the perfect evening escape from throughput and derivatives.

Try New Coffee Shops

Too much studying to do? Sick of doing it at home or Gleacher? I’d definitely recommend trying a new coffee shop. From Sip in West Loop to Eva’s Cafe in Old Town, each neighborhood around Chicago has their own hidden gems in the coffee realm. Getting work done, leaving the house, and warming up over a caffeinated beverage can really kill three birds with one stone on the bleakest of days.

Visit George on the Second Floor!

We can’t change the fact that we’ll have to still spend a good amount of time at Gleacher every week, and with the Midway Club closed until spring, “beverages” may seem hard to come by. However, the Gleacher bar is still alive and well on the 2nd floor lounge and George is always looking for company.

As we plow through the rest of winter quarter with dreams of warmer times on the horizon, please don’t let anything hold you back from enjoying these next few months.

Mike is an Evening MBA Student and Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Vista Consulting Group. His hobbies include distance running, volleyball, and exploring local restaurants.