Classes Help Students Catch Up on Email

A recent survey revealed that students appreciate class lectures more than any other service offered at Booth. The survey overwhelmingly confirmed that these three-hour timeslots throughout the week achieve their goal of allowing students to catch up on emails, world news, and social media.

“Booth is a hectic place. It’s so generous of the school to give us nine to twelve hours each week when we can really take care of ourselves. Class time is the perfect time for me to sit back, open up BuzzFeed, and forget about the world around me,” claims one second-year student in Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program.

The physical layout of the lecture rooms was carefully designed to help students make the most of their time. Curved tables provide sufficient surface area for up to three electronic devices per student even when lecture halls are filled to capacity. There are ample outlets in every row. Moreover, each lecture hall features tiered seating. This was a deliberate choice made by the school as a contingency plan: in the event that some students forget to bring their laptops to class, they can still be productive while watching the person in front of them check Facebook. As a convenient side effect of this setup, first-row sitters are allowed to step into a leadership position from their very first day at Booth.

“On the first day of class, I was distraught when I realized I had forgotten my computer,” one survey respondent regaled. “Luckily, I had a great view of the computer belonging to the girl in front of me. I’ll never forget what I learned on that first day of class. Someone I don’t know tweeted a bunch of her engagement photos and Pennsylvania topped Food Network’s Fifty Sandwiches from Fifty States list. It was a real eye-opener.”

Booth students are known for getting caught up in the fast-paced, go-go corporate lifestyle and they rarely find time to use technology, which is what makes classes so valuable. In fact, students are willing to pay nearly $600 for each three-hour email-and-Facebook session. You would be hard-pressed to name another place on campus where students can be found in front of a screen. The classroom gives students a break from the nonstop human interaction so that they can rekindle their romance with the internet.

Of course, classes have a broader purpose than just giving students a chance to reconnect with their electronics. Classes are also meant to be a time for students to eat full meals, apply and reapply lip balm, and giggle with one another. And don’t forget about sleep! Everyone knows that classes aim to increase students’ knowledge, and research shows that sleep aids retention of information.

The survey also revealed that students also enjoy Harper Center’s Lunch and Learn events and Gleacher Center’s corporate and alumni luncheons. Both buildings offer several private nooks where students can eat in peace after picking up the freely available food.