Kvetch Corner

Here’s what has been irritating ChiBus readers:

I want to see the expense report for Follies. Follies was amazing but where did $25 per ticket ($10 if you were IN it) go?!? - Anonymous

When a radio silent friend in messages is active on Facebook - Rebecca R.

Those [Cohort] Olympics were rigged to conflict with PE/VC lab which has a disproportionate number of Walkers enrolled. The GBC member who planned the event is a Rockefeller- coincidence? - Josh R.

When my extracurriculars get in the way of my other extracurriculars - YaoYao W.

Coffee cup lids that drip again just when you think you got the situation under control - Mike M.

Littlefield is exacerbating my sleep-onset insomnia - Warren Y.

Can someone adjust the clock in each classroom [to be more precise]? - Jasmine K.

When you get rejected by Booth again, and realize your money's good enough for them, but not your leadership skillz [sic] - Linda Y.

"Dropping it like it's hot," said uchicago-secure to my internet connection - Mohit B.

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