Kvetch Corner

Here’s what has been irritating ChiBus readers:

“People who eat smelly food in the study lounge” - Ricardo L

“Printing 1089 pages at Harper at 1:27pm” - Mary Cate W

“Professors running class slightly over time so that you have to wait for the next hour's trains” - Todd B

“When you are running late to class and it takes forever to log-on at the computer lab.” - Sanchi G

“[Professors] asking questions that are clearly addressed on the next slide.” - Brandon J

“When professors complain about how poor they are” - YaoYao W

“MBA Newspapers that ask weird questions” - Freddy E

“When TNDC lambasts the newspaper” - Mohit B

“MBAs who are spoilsports” - Preeti R

“ChiBus” - various

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