Kvetch Corner

Here’s what has been irritating ChiBus readers:

When it's week 8 and professors haven't posted any grades on chalk - Becky G.

Internship-bound first years who pretend to care about Spring term grades - Son N.

The Chicago Booth logo on the new gmail page is not a vectorgraph! Any change of background/theme will make it look like a band-aid. - Rebecca R.

It’s almost the future year Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future.. where is my hoverboard? I WANT MY HOVERBOARD!! - Pratyush R.

PhD candidates who have no business being in classes with dumber life forms (e.g. MBAs) - Linda Y.

My friends at CBS, who are all traveling to exotic locales and lying on beaches being fanned by semi-nude models, those assholes - Linda Y.

Why isn't anybody complaining about how long Booth computers take to log in!? - Leticia I.

Stacey Kole is having coffee chats in the days when you have no classes in Harper - Andrey M.

Campus is in Hyde Park...did we cover that yet? - Brian B.

The fact that some of my professors are younger than me - Maithili S.

That next year's first years will still be older than me - YaoYao W.

Not being able to recover from a night out like you used to...yet you still party like you're in college - Maithili S.

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