Even You Can Be Myself During Interviews

Sean Newton, Class of 2015

Sean Newton, Class of 2015

By Sean Newton '15

My favorite aspect of my second year at Booth is having the opportunity to share the wisdom I’ve gained with the first years. With interviews starting in just weeks, I wanted to make one last attempt at getting first years to listen to me. My hope is that you will be able to learn from my interview experiences and use my detailed advice to get yourself a fat little offer.

You’ll be wearing suits permanently once interviews start and it will be important to keep them both clean and dry. For the next couple of weeks, try showering with a plastic bag over your body to avoid drenching your nice interview clothes. The last thing you want is to greet your interviewer in a sudsy jacket!

As far as cleaning goes, I recommend the dry cleaner on the corner of Western and Fullerton because it’s super close to my apartment and I’ve developed a good rapport with the ticket-taker. My strong history of reliable, repeat business should help you get a discount on your future purchases. Some interviewers can’t detect if you’ve recently had your suit dry cleaned, so I recommend starting each interview with the following introduction: “Hi, I’m Sean Newton and from the looks of it, I’d say my suit is cleaner than yours! What’s your name?”

Be prepared for any roadblocks that will prevent you from getting to the interview on time. I recommend shaving the night before any interview just in case my roommate decides to have one of his infamous two hour American Idol Shower Solos auditions the morning of your interview. Also, it’s probably nothing, but I’ve been hearing this peculiar rattling underneath the hood of my car. You should get that checked out. No one wants my car to break down when you’re driving to your interview!

If you’ll be gone all day for an on-site interview, it’s especially important to make advanced preparations. Get everything taken care of at my home so that your mind is clear during the interview. Ask my neighbor if he can walk my dog in the morning and evening. I prefer to ask the downstairs neighbor because the upstairs neighbor listens to that new age ska punk crap, but you have to do what feels right for you!

During case interviews, remember that the interviewer doesn’t want to hold your hand as you walk through your calculations and frameworks. Wait until the fit part of the interview and then you can hold hands.

It is important to recover from poor interviews quickly. After you leave the interview room, slap your face a couple of times and say, “stupid, stupid, Sean. How could you be so dumb?” My sister always knows just what to say to cheer me up, so give her a buzz when something’s gone wrong and she’ll lift you right back onto your feet!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to show them who I am. This is the same advice I gave myself before interviews and everything worked out splendidly. Glad I could help.