3 Ways to Make Your Résumé SIZZLE!

You’re smart, beautiful, and have a certain something that lures eligible recruiters to Booth year after year. But why is it that once all these successful, attractive associates from dreamy firms come on campus, you’d sooner run home to Netflix and open up a pint of ice cream than enter a crop circle with them?

Here are 3 confidence-boosting tips, tested by us here at ChiBus, to ensure that your résumé pops and demonstrates that you are a perfectly competent and wonderfully sexy candidate.

1) The Last Bullet Point

Recruiters’ wandering eyes often fall to the bottom of the résumé, so be sure to make the final bullet point leaves them yearning for more.

2) The Font

You certainly don’t want to use a font that has fallen out of style or screams immature (Selena Gomez prefers Calibri). You want the font to reflect your passions as well as your unique professional aptitude.  Here are a few examples:

3) The Spin

You need to make sure you use the sexiest action verbs available in order to woo that perfect, chiseled firm.  Make sure you don’t bore the recruiter with stories about how you “managed” a project--YAWN! Don’t shy away from more aggressive verbs such as aroused or stimulated. Here are some examples: