Finger Injury ends Career of Breakout Wide Receiver/Left Tackle

By Tyler Burkett '16

HYDE PARK – Ol’ Chicago Dirt Ice, a Chicago Booth Flag Football team, lost one of its star players to a crippling finger injury.

Tyler Burkett '16

Tyler Burkett '16

Highly touted starter Tyler Burkett demonstrated a wealth of ability from the opening snap, living up to the billing of a savvy wide receiver with a blazing speed (5.24 second 40 yard dash). Tyler ran some of the crispest routes Stagg field has ever seen, drawing comparisons to a young Hines Ward. While heartthrob quarterback Kendall Larue decided not to throw to Tyler during the game, Tyler was clearly impacting the game in a big way, even if his wide-receiver gloves that his mom purchased for him remained untested.

Unfortunately, near the end of the first half, playing safety like NFL legend John Lynch, Tyler made a key flag pull that resulted in a horrific finger injury. Though he played a few more downs (including a blown coverage that lead to an easy touchdown), Tyler realized that something was seriously wrong with his finger, and proceeded to kick his Nalgene bottle filled with Zero-Calorie Vitamin Water in frustration on the sideline.

After X-rays the next day, doctors confirmed his finger was broken, likely ending his unforgettable Chicago Booth flag-football career.  While Ol’ Chicago Dirt Ice won the game 14-13, it was a tough win to for the tank top clad team to swallow, knowing that their star Left Tackle/Wide Receiver/Safety/Cheerleader may never take Stagg Field again.

Player-Coach Sam Holmberg declined to comment on any timetable for a return.

Broken finger, broken dreams

Broken finger, broken dreams

For his career, Tyler racked up an impressive stat line. As a wide receiver, Tyler racked up 0 yards on 0 catches with 0 yards after the catch. As a left tackle, Tyler only had 2 missed blocks that led to sacks.  On defense, Tyler was one for two on flag grabs and only had one-blown coverage leading to a key touchdown.

Sadly it was an impressive career that came to a tragic end. Tyler was seen at Kingston Mines later that night, somberly signing autographs for fans, while appropriately, listening to Blues.

Sam Holmberg was also hurt in the game after suffering from what appeared to be a significant knee scrape. It is unclear whether Tyler will let anyone borrow his cherished wide-receiver gloves.