On the 8th day, God created Management Consultants

By Anonymous MBB Associate Consultant, Booth ‘13

I am not most people. Most alums reminisce about their times at Booth as if they were on a magical, educational vacation, a Magic School Bus for adults. They will talk about about venturing on incredible life changing trips, taking classes from Nobel Prize winning professors, and let out a smirk as they say: “I used to be here back when it was called GSB.”

I was focused on changing the world.  You see, I was born to be a Management Consultant. It was God’s plan. As a kid, I read Consumer Reports simply for the beautiful Harvey Ball displays. Other kids would cry on planes, I’d create a Gantt chart for my family, make a quick skeleton deck describing my summer readings, then pull out my favorite micro-bead filled neck-pillow from my Tumi bag for a quick power nap.

So the first time I set foot in Harper, my mission was clear. Set-up coffee chats, nail the cases, secure offers. And over my two years, my time at Booth can simply be described as MECE.

I remember the recruiting process. I remember the incredible case prep; I drew enough profit trees to fix global warming. While the case interviews may have been simulated, it’s still real to me, dammit. I could see myself, stuffed in a conference room at “Burger Palace” HQ, telling C-suite executives why they should expand into Midway Airport, or see myself advising a Private Equity firm why not build a hotel for our armed forces heroes, and or even advising a large medical device company to price their cancer treating device $300 higher. I could hear God whispering in my ear “Cancer treatment is probably an inelastic market, ask about willingness to pay!”

If you take Booth seriously, I assure you, you can achieve success like me.

Now I fly to my clients in Economy Plus at 30,000 feet, then bring real business insight at 10,000 feet. I eat PF Chang’s every night but always find low hanging fruit; quick wins that make my client’s salivate once I circle back with them in the war-room. I sometimes spend time on the beach but certainly never boil the ocean. My team peels the onion to populate key deliverables, while I sharpen the pencil on assumptions and never forget to mention turnkey solutions. Once all our ducks are in a row, I hit strategic home runs like Sammy Sosa and check the Good app until I get a follow up engagement request.

Yes, I do believe God created the management consultant on the 8th day. And when it is my time to go, I’ll have free upgrades to fly first class* all the way up to those pearly gates.

*Or at least Economy Plus