The Mystery Behind the You-Know-Which-Club Uncovered. Or not.

By: Pushya Jataprolu ‘16

Pushya Jataprolu '16

Pushya Jataprolu '16

As we all know, there hasn’t been a shortage of student groups at Booth. With over 50 of these spanning across professional and leisurely realms, you would notice that by far, most are official, some are not. In an effort to shed some light on one of the latter kind, ChiBus spoke with Helen Guo ‘16 and Joey Dumas ‘16, two of the co-chairs of the TNDC. And not unlike their emails - surprise surprise, the responses were irreverent too.

[ChiBus]: Just like any student group at Booth, there has got to be some advice that you received from the previous co-chairs when you first started out as co-chairs. Anything that stuck with you?

[Helen Guo]: Stock up on PediaLyte (with a serious face).

[Joey Dumas]: Yaoyao Wang ‘15 (former co-chair) told me to stick to vodka to avoid hangovers.  That could turn out to be very important though so far I have not stuck to vodka or avoided hangovers.

TNDC Co-chairs (from the left) Kharay Kenyatta ‘16, Sarah Jahnke ‘16, Emily Low ‘16, Joey Dumas ‘16 and Helen Guo ‘16

TNDC Co-chairs (from the left) Kharay Kenyatta ‘16, Sarah Jahnke ‘16, Emily Low ‘16, Joey Dumas ‘16 and Helen Guo ‘16

[CB]: What’s your week to week routine for TNDC like?

[HG]: Without a second thought,
Pour up, drank

Head shot, drank

Sit down, drank

Stand up, drank

Pass out, drank

Wake up, drank

Faded, drank

Faded, drank

No, really.

[CB]: Are there any traditions with the co-chairs of TNDC every year?

[HG]: We go to church together to confess our sins every month.

[JD]: It takes a long time.  And the shots are only wine.  Bummer.

[CB]: Do all of you go to all the TNDCs? And did you go to all, last year too?

[HG]: For the most part yes, unless we’re out of town that weekend or deathly ill.

[JD]: 30 for 30 isn’t just an ESPN special, if you know what I’m saying.         

[CB]: Do you believe that there is a noticeable change in the tenor of the TNDC emails from last year? How do you respond to detractors?

[JD]: Hell, we can barely remember last Wednesday. Do you think we could remember what someone else wrote a year ago if we wanted to? Honestly, we’re having fun with it and always knew everyone wasn’t going to like what we wrote. Haters gunna hate.

[CB]: Rumor has it that there are plans for a TDDC - Thursday Day Drinking Club. How does one join?

[JD]: You see, it is a simple two step process.

Step 1: Wake up Thursday before 4:30pm.  

Step 2: Drank.

Pushya is a second year, who now knows everything she wanted to about ‘unofficial groups’.