Annual Charity Auction to Feature Cuddle Buddy Database

At this year’s Spring Fling, students will have the chance to bid on some excellent prizes through Giving Something Back’s 22nd Annual Charity Auction. Prizes range from sailing lessons, to an Aspen hotel stay, to a dinner for six with Scott Meadow.

But one prize in particular has captured the attention of Booth’s students—the underlying data for Cuddle Buddy, a new website that allows students to enter the names of up to eight crushes and receive notification if the feelings are mutual.

“When I created the site, I originally imagined the data would never be seen by a person,” said co-creator David Rabie ’15. “But when I heard 100% of proceeds would be supporting groups like Off the Streets Club, I decided to turn my back on the promise I’d made to hundreds of trusting peers.”

“At first I was against the idea of auctioning it off, but then I thought it'd be fun to see everyone scramble," added co-creator Renan Feldman ‘16.

Once the winning bidder has their hands on the data, they are free to use the data as they please.  

“We figure curiosity will get the bidding started,” predicted Giving Something Back co-chair Patrick Yan ’16, “but what we’re really hoping for is that some of our wealthier peers have a keen interest in keeping their Cuddle Buddies secret.  That shame could really get the bids flowing!”

“I was thinking the fishing trip with Professor Epley could be pretty fun, but then I thought it’d be more fun to see if that d-bag from Investments is really as cool as he thinks he is,” said one student.

“Finally, I will figure out who keeps hitting on my girlfriend. Do people not realize we are together? We hold hands in Kovler all the time” said another student, noting his girlfriend and fellow classmate received three email notifications over the past week.

Estimates for what Cuddle Buddy data might go for vary greatly.  The highest estimate came from a professor with a background in Psychology who noted, “[t]his population has already signalled via Cuddle Buddy that they are desperate. By putting desperate people in a bidding war, this has the potential to really escalate.”  

In reality Cuddle Buddy data will not be auctioned off, but all other prizes mentioned are real!  Be sure to buy tickets for Spring Fling May 14th to get the chance to bid on some great events and products while supporting three local charities.