What's News?

Startup company that values startups considers itself overvalued.

Spirit Airlines is taking action to improve its public image by charging fees if you publicly complain about the airline.

To improve the economy, Obama considers shutting Facebook down stating “it causes too many Americans to lose their jobs.”

Snapchat reveals financial information to investors. It disappeared 10 seconds later.

Crude oil prices rise, analysts are working hard to come up with a reason why.

New startup Kindr allows you to anonymously hook-up with people in your extended family.

Boothie spends $1.79 on Coke Zero during class break even though he’s not thirsty.

Soulcycle reveals plan for spinoff.

Uber leaks plans of UberEATSx, a cheaper version of Uber’s new food delivery UberEATS, in which drivers come to your home and reheat the food in your fridge. 

Snapchat valuation soars after study reveals the increasing popularity of d*** pictures in emerging markets.

Stock Update

GOOG – 481.31 (-60.80) Google tumbles after self-driving car gets caught in high speed police chase in California.

YUM - 90.71 (+4.00) YUM Brands, owner of Taco Bell, soars after revealing the new ‘Gluten-Free AM CrunchWrap Supreme.’

AAPL – 130.91 (+5.21) Apple continued its hot streak after rumors emerged of an iCondom, the latest in wearable technology.