Congratulations, Future Me

By Warren Yates '15

Warren Yates '15

Warren Yates '15

This letter is written from the perspective of a prototypical Booth student to her future self. It’s meant to be both a reminder and a small aspirational impetus, like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Dear Future Me,

You were probably expecting this letter, since you must recall writing it so very recently. I am writing to congratulate you on the fulfilment of your ultimate goal, which was to achieve complete satisfaction in all aspects of life.

Congratulations on being the first person to sweep all categories of Nobel Prizes, and to do so in the same year. That is surely a distinction unlikely to be shared anytime soon, especially since they’re now named after you instead of Nobel. Congratulations on maximizing humanity’s welfare through your research on various topics, including wealth-creating asset bubbles, self-moderating ideological extremism, and diseases that have been genetically modified to spread their own cures (also, congrats on developing the cures!).

Congratulations on making first contact with alien life, and for preventing the impending war in a way that secures both peace and human hegemony. Congratulations on being the first person to have a city, state, country, and planet named after her. You’ve certainly earned it.

Congratulations on achieving nirvana. Congratulations on the discovery of pedal-powered faster-than-light travel and for being the first human subject. You look younger than ever, and your quads are enviable.

Congratulations on getting everyone to see things from the other person’s point of view. That was really causing some headaches for a while. Congratulations on moving the world off the inefficient money-based financial system. Congratulations for inventing a food that alleviates hunger in hungry people and fullness in full people, and thanks for making it available to everyone for free.

Congratulations on moving the world a little closer to parity through the application of an NFL-style draft system to the genetic lottery. And thanks for working out the logistics.

Congratulations on your EGOT. Congratulations on turning flossing into something fashionable to do everywhere, all the time. Congratulations on maintaining your goal weight and waist size. Congratulations on being the best name-, face-, and birthday-rememberer of all time. Congratulations on becoming the world’s biggest philanthropist. Congratulations on repaying your student loans.

Congratulations on reaching inbox zero. Congratulations on having a Facebook page so interesting that it causes other people to lose track of time and forget to eat. Congratulations on your collaboration album with Taylor Swift. Her career was in need of a little boost.

You’ve clearly accomplished much in the short time since you graduated from business school. Yes, business school—that place where you realized that, up until that point in life, you hadn’t even known how to dream big. Business school showed you possibilities you’d never conceived, and you did well to pursue your own path without regard for what others said you should want.

Congratulations on never settling into a job you don’t care about. Congratulations on never losing sight of what you wanted from life. Congratulations on never coopting someone else’s definition of success as a matter of convenience. Congratulations on continuously pursuing happiness, and, upon momentarily catching it, savoring it before it again speeds ahead.

Congratulations on continuously asking yourself why you’re here and not somewhere else.

With admiration,

Past You

Warren is a second-year student in the Full Time MBA program who hopes he and the rest of the Class of 2015 will continue to forge their own paths, to question, to grow, to dare, and to dream.