Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

By Elena Stratigakes '15

Elena Stratigakes '15

Elena Stratigakes '15


Today is a day.

You’re off to your job,

It’s goodbye that you say.

You have beer on your counter,

a throb in your head.

You have feet in your shoes,

and two socks, one is red.

You’re on your own. And you know what is true?

That the world is so suddenly looking at you.

You’ll search up and down streets for a cab, and you’ll think.

“I’m 30-ish now. Why do I still drink?!”

With your brain full of school and socks full of toes,

you don’t want to believe that it’s up that you grow.

And you may take a moment

and then you might shout.

That you don’t understand

what adulthood is about!

It’s a crazier place.

In this wide open space.

Out here things can happen

and frequently do

To people both wiser

and older than you.

Everything’s new

and you might be afraid.

But you have to go on,

this is your big parade.



You’ll graduate now,

You’ll move out, you’re alone.

You’ll join softball leagues

And brew beer on your own.

You won’t lag behind on your rent when it’s due.

You’ll buy scented candles and think, you’re doing you!

Wherever you walk you’ll be the top of the top,

Wherever you go you’ll think I don’t want this to stop!  

Except when you don’t.

Because, often, you won’t.

I’m sorry to say,

one fact that is true

that hangovers at work

will now happen to you.

You said you’d have one

and then you broke your vow.

But the work doesn’t stop.

This is real life now.

You’ll shuffle to lunch

with an unpleasant groan.

And chances are,

“I hate real life!” you will moan.

And groaning and moaning

about life you will do.

Because un-groaning and moaning

isn't easy to do.

You will come to a place where you look back at pictures,

Of good times now gone, just memories, not fixtures.

A place you can only revisit in bits,

Do you dare to think back? Do you dare to forget?

How much makes you smile? How much do you regret?

And WHEN you start life, no not grad school you see.

Grad school was kids just pretending to be

adults with life stuff and problems and such,

No, NOW it is real and it seems much too much!

You can get so confused

thinking “What do I want?”

down paths you will go where the people will taunt

and go on for months without triumphs to flaunt

headed, I fear, for a most useless haunt.

The Mid Thirties…

…for people just waiting.

Waiting for a job they like,

or a boy to come, or a girl to go

or a check to come, or the weight to go

or a phone to buzz, or the page to load

or waiting around for a like or a poke

or waiting there to tweet a joke.

Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for when the mood is right

or waiting for someone to pick a fight

or waiting around for Friday night

or waiting, perhaps, for a life to share

or to take a trip, or do a dare

or a bigger room, or Better Pay

or a birthday balloon, or a Another Day.

Everyone is just waiting.



Somehow you’ll snap out

of that wanting and waning

You’ll start to shout

There are dreams to be making!

There’s stuff you can do,

now that you are older!

And wiser and bolder

And now you will smolder!

Oh, the places you’re maybe going! There is stuff to be fluffed!

There are wins to be got. There are is life to be caught!

And the things you can do when you don’t feel shitty

Will make you much smarter and bolder and witty!

Fame? Sure why not! You’ll be famous they say,

Like Lennon or Reagan or Poehler & Fey.

Except when you don’t.

Because sometimes, you won’t.

This story’s confusing,

The tales they keep switching,

The downs are the ups

and the ups they go missing.

But that’s life!

It’s confusing and sometimes you’ll be,

All alone in the world,

and you’ll think “It’s just me.”

And when you’re alone there’s a very good chance

you'll meet people who give you a strong sideways glance.

They’ll tell you mix, and to mingle and meet

A boy or a girl to keep you on your feet.

You can’t do it alone,

They’ll say with a drone.

But on you will go

though the workload is tough

On you will go

though the bedbugs are rough

On you will go

through mean bosses and stuff.

Onward up many

a frightening walk-up,

though your legs may get tired

to life it will chalk-up.

On and on you will move

to places beyond

Some things won’t be for you.

Of some you’ll be fond.

You’ll get mixed up, of course

That’s the obvious part.

You’ll get mixed up

because life is like just throwing darts!

So be sure when you walk,

walk with poise and with taste

and remember that Real Life

is Full of Disgrace.

Just never forget to be honest and kind,

Because the internet keeps things for people to find.

And will you succeed?

Oh man, I don’t know!

Dr. Seuss said I would a long time ago.


By Elena Stratigakes '15


Be your name Sophie or Emma or John

or Liz Lemon, Leslie, or Tyrion,

you’re off to Great Places!

Or so they all blab!

Your mountain is waiting!

And so is your cab.