Booth Begins Kellogg Mentoring Program

In a newly formed partnership with the Kellogg School of Management, Booth students will soon have the opportunity to mentor MBA students from Northwestern’s business school. The program will feature subjects ranging from financial derivative products to simple addition and subtraction.

“We realize there is a real opportunity here to serve those less fortunate,” said Kendall Craven, co-chair of the Booth Mentoring Group, or BMG. “We’ve been asked to bring our expertise, but also our patience and any crayons or colored pencils we have.”

Leaders from both schools have expressed their support for the program. “We’re just excited to have some people in here that know math,” said Sally Blount, Dean of Kellogg. “Our students spend most of their time in Evanston learning about shapes, colors, and the four P’s. This can be a real game changer for us.”

“It’s a natural extension of our community outreach work,” said Dean Kumar. “Booth has a long history of helping those in the community with the most need.”

The Kellogg students will be transported to Hyde park in half-length yellow school buses twice a week. They will be accompanied by adult chaperones at all times. “We know they can get somewhat out of hand after they’ve finished their Capri Suns,” said Blount

If the first quarter of the program is successful, Craven said his group will expand the program to those at Kellogg with extra-special needs. “Some groups of them have a visceral reaction when they see numbers. They literally start to hiss and scratch, like trying to put a cat in a bathtub. We think through gradual exposure, we can slowly work up from times tables, to Ti-89s, and eventually get spreadsheets into their lives.”