6 Recruiting Strategies Booth Won’t Teach

By Reid Miller, Class of 2018

1. Stand out in a crop circle.

Make sure you establish your dominance in a crop circle, intimidate not only your classmates but also the recruiter. Utilize boxing out and yelling - it is a battlefield. Leonardo de Connell gives his helpful hint: “When it’s an important event I put on a larger suit and stuff it with paper towels. I want to make sure I come across as imposing and physically large, like a monster of business.”   

2. Perfect your handshake.

Let the recruiter know you are the person for the job by matching your hand shake with your job. Mary Cumberbunch’s favorite for her accounting interviews is the balance sheet shuffle – have a $20 bill tucked between your middle and ring finger, when they go in for the shake they know you're all about transactions.

3. Be cautious of how you interact with recruiters.

Being interested in their company can be a turnoff for recruiters, play it cool. Remember they are hiring you, give them more of a tease. If you seem too needy, they won’t think you have any other prospects.

4. Don’t ask questions.

Asking questions both shows that you are interested in the company and that you don’t know everything which makes you seem dumb; you don’t want any of that noise. In meet and greets, Career Advisor Jakob Chen says to stare them down and make sure they engage first, it’s all about you anyways.

5. Update your resume with the most important means of communication.

Your email, phone number, and address are outdated means of communication. Make sure you include your Instagram or Snapchat account. If the firm is an older one, include Facebook. Adding Venmo is also beneficial  as that is the way you will be receiving your paycheck.

6. Learn everything you can about your recruiter.

Nothing says “welcome aboard” like blackmail, so make sure you get all the dirt you can--stalk them, hire a private investigator, do whatever you can to make sure you have the upper hand when it comes to your interview. Lucy Diaz says, “I utilized a honey pot method on Tinder and threatened to break up her marriage, was hired on the spot.”