4 Unbelievable Historical Booth Facts That Will Blow Your Mindhole

By: Reid Miller, Class of 2018

1.   Internships were more competitive.

During the tenure of W. Allen Wallis, when internships were just invented, the normal procedure was to create a thunderdome / highlander competition. Weapons were primarily slide rules and used accounting textbooks as shields.

Early Internship Survivors

Early Internship Survivors

2.  The school motto was misheard.

The motto “Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched” was actually over misheard by a professor taking a walk. The true motto is “Let my sick gainz grow from more to more; and so be my fams’ lives enriched”.

3.  International campuses were created for an important reason.

The need to escape the winter is real. The dean at the time gave a famous quote, “Sure, sure, being globally aware is great and all, but I don’t think they even get snow over there in Spain”.

4.   The iBid system was created as an experiment.

The Psychology and Economics department worked together to determine a system that would both test the mental fortitude of the students as well as game theory. The movie Water World was loosely based on the resulting fall into chaos, using paper as a euphemism for bid points.