The 2017 ChiBus Challenge

By: Joseph Cherukara, Class of 2018

As recruitment ramps up and winter quarter bidding begins, are you one of the few first years still looking to paint the town red? Want to become a Booth legend but unsure how? Worry not, for we are proud to announce the 2017 ChiBus Challenge, the premier event of the school year, where first years battle for money, glory, and meet-and-greet slots. Second years who missed out last year and are FOMO-ing now are welcome too. Just win points by completing the following challenges to go down as one of the greatest legends of your class.

Entrepreneur (500 points): No, not NVC. Booth may have a Wine Club and an Epicurean Club, but what the world really needs today is a Booth Kale Aficionados Group.  Collect 5 signatures through a petition and organize a sit-in at the Winter Garden until Stacy Kole and the other top brass green-light a top Brassica Group. Acceptable alternates include the South-West Monaco Business Group and the Booth Pacman players Group.

Extreme Survivor (Vegetarians: 1000 points, Everyone else: 200 points): Eat nothing but free food for one week. By the end of the week, you may be permanently labelled “The Student Lounge Hobo” and firmly believe that a meal consists of a sandwich, chips and a cookie, but that’s $140 off student debt, FTW! Vegetarians who live to tell the tale, you have an inexplicable, boundless love for either eggplant sandwiches or plain cheese pizza.

Career Explorer (300 points): Passionate about the burgeoning second-hand light sabre industry? Unfazed by the visa restrictions? Pursue your passion and scour GTS for all the jobs in the sector! Network with professionals at all the many, many conferences, corporate conversations and lunch and learns in the space. Six months later, watch all your friends jet off looking forward to their internships while you’re looking for happiness at the bottom of a bottle. Remember that business school is a wonderful place to switch careers and follow your dreams – so long as your dream is Consulting, Finance or Tech. Follow-up 2018 challenge (100 points): Overcompensate and recruit for Consulting and Banking simultaneously. Watch what remains of your social life die a quiet death.

Thursday Night Drinking Czar (400 points):  Be the last to leave every TNDC throughout the year. On the plus side, you would have all the latest gossip even before we report it in this esteemed column. On the downside, you now lack a functioning liver and passing grades.

Money Back (200 points): Just spent the last class staring blankly into space while the three people in the first row seemed to be the only ones who understood what was happening? Feel that the famed academic rigour (and the over enthusiastic undergraduates) is too much for you?. Walk up to the Bursar’s office and ask politely for a refund. When they inevitably refuse, go back home, look up your outstanding loan amount and cry yourself to sleep.

Scrooge McPoint (100 points): Go through 3 quarters without spending a single bid point. At the end of the year, you will have 20,000 odd points that you can totally sell in the promising secondary market that is your class’s GroupMe group. Rejoice in the fact that while you haven’t learnt anything that you wanted to, you are now probably one of those mythical beings that beat the curve.    


Students who accumulate more than 1300 points will be featured in the classroom level hall of fame, are entered as wildcard candidates into the Dean’s search list and, this is the most important, get an all access pass to a month’s worth of TNDCs.