Booth Student Discovers UChicago

Patrick Burke

Class of 2017

A Whole New World?

A Whole New World?

Second-year student Ramiro Sanchez Caballero discovered late Wednesday that the Booth School of Business is actually one school among eleven graduate programs and an undergraduate program that comprise the University of Chicago. Sanchez Caballero was previously unaware that a collection of world-class schools and disciplines surround the business school, having never actually been outside of the Harper Center.

The University of Chicago is home to over 15,000 students. “I just figured Booth was located in the middle of a rich, young, diverse neighborhood,” admitted the confused graduate student. “I guess this explains all of the North Face backpacks and Bieber haircuts.”

Spending nearly two years on the Hyde Park campus had little impact on Sanchez Caballero’s understanding of his surroundings. “I suppose those buildings aren’t really private mansions after all,” he commented as he gestured to the University’s gothic-style quadrangle buildings.

Sanchez Caballero’s confusion is not uncommon. A recent poll revealed that 86% of Booth students have never ventured outside of the Harper Center or Ida Noyes pub while on campus. Less than 7% of students are aware that there are subjects other than finance and economics offered at the university.

“You’re telling me there’s a law school here?” asked Sanchez Caballero excitedly. “Next thing you’re going to tell me they have a school for doctors, too!”

Sanchez Caballero resides in the Loop in downtown Chicago. He was equally stunned to discover that the City of Chicago extends far north beyond the Gleacher center. “It turns out Wisconsin is considerably past Illinois Street,” he remarked.