Kovler Café reveals meat grade non-disclosure policy

Kovler Cafe's official stance "Grades don't matter"

Kovler Cafe's official stance "Grades don't matter"

HARPER CENTER – Everyone is familiar with the Kovler Cafe in the Harper Center, but some students are left wondering “What's in the food? What are the meat quality grades?”

ChiBus investigated, requesting meat quality grades from Aramark Corporation, which runs Kovler.

“We have to abide by our meat grade non-disclosure policy,” said Jerry Berriman, Regional Head of Food Safety. “It is important for our employees to be able to take risks and not be worried about how food grades may impact their ability to recruit customers.”

Students are not pleased with the lack of transparency.

“Kovler reminds me of Subway without the bizarre smell. And I hate Subway,” said Tim Perriwinkle III, a second-year and self-described foodie, while staring at the film that had formed on the gravy. “But at least Subway lets us know that their bologna, ham, and salami are actually just reconstituted turkey.”

With an unsatisfied student base, we pressed former Aramark employees to reveal meat grades.

“Look, the grades while I worked there were actually pretty decent,” stated Marissa Minnie, a former two-year full time employee. “But, the reality of the matter is, it’s practically impossible to get a failing grade there.”

Upon further questioning, an anonymous source revealed that the turkey cubes in the salad line are strategically only graded on a Pass-Fail scale.

Tyler is a second-year that can be found in the salad line, preferring copious amounts of dried cranberries and walnuts to turkey cubes.