Game of Booth

As second years wind down here at Booth, many of us say “I wish I could do it all again.” So I figured, it can’t be that hard to distill all of the magical experiences at Booth into a simple-to-play board game. So, I present to everyone, the Game of Booth. Grab some dice, grab some friends (or some of the kids that are running around Kovler), laugh a little, cry a lot, and enjoy the Game of Booth.


  • Start $200k in debt (if you are sponsored, debt is when you owe a ton of money and you’re unsure about how you can ever pay it back)

  • Start with 15 Credibility Points. Be careful with them! Credibility tokens directly correlate to the prestige of the job you will get when exiting the Game of Booth.

  • Roll a die and move those exact number of spaces (remember, you have to sign the Booth honor code at the end of the game)

  • Every green spot is worth $10,000. Yes, it won’t really make sense when you play it, but I have yet to make sense of my personal finances in two years, so it’s a solid simulation.

  • If you run out of money, no worries! You can go into infinite debt at low rates thanks to my best friend Janet Yellen.