The Summer Recap

After more than three months, numerous incidents of poor life choices, too much work and too little frosty beverages, school year is back! As the second years catch up with each other and first years grapple with the Sisyphean task that is finding a good bidding strategy, here’s a quick round up of the key events from summer.

Second years did work stuff at places: Once more, 580+ Boothies left the cocoon that is Harper/MPP and conquered several hundred organizations as the first step in what are surely stellar careers. We are sure that most of our companies were heartbroken to see us leave at the end of summer after outstanding contributions, while a few are still reeling from the irrevocable damage that we’ve done but they’re all united in the belief that as a class we performed better than Kellogg. Hopefully.  Regardless, it’s great to be on campus and to return to the blissful state of not working.

First years have arrived: Dean Kole has told the second years – repeatedly and in detail – that the Class of 2019 outperforms the Class of 2018 with their snazzy high GMAT and GPA averages. The second years at ChiBus feel a little slighted, so we’re going to be snarky and encourage the first years to focus their not inconsiderable capabilities on more constructive pursuits than those they’ve been up to so far (Yeah, we all know what you did at LOR). Jokes aside, the first years are already leaving a positive impact in everything from LEAD to TNDC and we’re very excited by the new addition to our community.

A new Dean is here: After months of patient waiting, our new Dean is here! In this column, we are most excited because we now have a new (and going by the Stanford videos, hopefully amenable) target for our satire. As a school though, we wish him the best of luck! We are positive that he will continue to build on Booth’s strong legacy and are really excited by the great new ideas and direction that we are sure he’ll bring to the school. Speaking of great new ideas, however, can we just say that a “cricket roll” of a giant die may not make many top 10 lists?

Metra trains every 20 minutes (sometimes): As Queen once sang, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” No more scouring the Winter Garden for randos to fill your Uber if you didn’t sprint out right after the 4:30 class. No more  having to make that Sophie’s choice of cutting short on sleep to make it to the 7:50 AM train or coming in late on the 8:20 AM train (who are we kidding, 8:20 every day). While the demand from Booth alone probably didn’t drive this change, we’d like to think 400-odd people stumping off every Wednesday morning (best day for 8:30 classes) probably had something to do with it.  

Aaaand we’re officially all caught up.