Follies Presents: Missed Connections

Over at Follies, we’ve been combing through the Craigslist Missed Connections for the past three quarters. We came across some listings that look suspiciously like they came from Boothies. You be the judge.

Eric for Ariel; m4w 1Y2

I saw you at ski trip with the cute red tail and a stuffed Sebastian under your arm. You were one of the eight Ariels at the party. Drop me a GroupMe because tonight I want to be part of your world. ;)

Beirut vs. Barrios; w4m 2Y1

You were the cute first year studying for a midterm in the MPP study rooms, you sweet naive bae. I was the second year who kicked you out to play the finals of our official Beirut beer pong game. We were just heating up. Let’s get this thing on fire. #Grades_Don’t_Matter #Booth_Bucket_List #Cubs_Ladder

Heartstring Puller; w4w 1Y1

I loved the way you yanked me over the wall at LOR. I could tell we were made for each other because when I told you I was hungover, you took off your sunglasses and said “me too”.

Mutually Mugged

7:00 PM, Woodlawn and 57th, iPhone 6S...I saw you got mugged by the same guy as me on the crime alert. Let’s take this to the next level and let me steal your heart.

Ventra Vomiter

We were riding the 7:48 AM train together Friday morning. You looked dazed; I sat next to you. I tried talking about class. You opened your mouth and vomited. You awkwardly got off at the 57th Street station. Let me know if you want another shot.

Study Group; m4w 2Y1

We were in the Turbo study group together. I missed all the group meetings, but you still did all the homework. My demand curve for you is perfectly inelastic. My indifference curves are indifferent no more. Meet me at Ida Noyes if you want your utility function maximized.

The Silent Rock; w4m

I may seem like a member of the silent 200, but I’m actually just a second quarter banker that’s been a slave to the grind of recruiting. I’ve been a slave to Excel for the past three months, but you’re the real model in my life.

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The author is a second year whose idea of good music is the Lonely Island and Savage Garden.