Dear Grumpy

Ardent fans of ChiBus know of our ongoing series to tap into the wisdom of second years and alumni. The star of our column is “Grumpy” Gerald Wockell, financial wiz, raconteur extraordinaire and reluctant second year. This week, we launched an “Ask Grumpy” session for students at Booth to get pressing questions answered anonymously. Here are Grumpy’s responses to some of them:

Dear Grumpy,

I’m a second year and am looking to create a bucket list of all the things I need to do before leaving Booth. I have already prepared a 30 tab Excel of ideas for things to do at Booth, UChicago and the wider city. I’ve also been to every spring break’s information session, have my tickets booked for a bunch of other trips and have a master list of people I need to grab coffee chats with before I leave, but I wanted to be sure to tap every source of information, no matter how disreputable or unreliable. So, do you have any suggestions?


Dear Nostalgic,

I certainly do. Let’s start with courses. No Booth experience is complete without taking the “star” courses. I strongly recommend redoing the foundations with different professors. Yes, you’ve already covered the content before, but imagine the FOMO you’ll have if you don’t take that one Micro section that your batch bid 8000 points for. Moving on to food. You cannot, simply cannot, leave Chicago without fully experiencing one of its finest eateries. I suggest trying out EVERY SINGLE lunch option that Kovler has. This includes the candy, snack and dubious brussel sprouts options, no cheatsies. Yes, you’ll probably put on 15 pounds and lose a ton of money but totes worth it for the memories when you’re in your high paying job cashing that per diem and thinking back fondly to your broke student days. Outside Booth, the Museum of Damaged Mannequins is definitely worth a visit. There’s a two hour wait most days, but what’s that compared to the countless hours of family-friendly fun you can have looking at old damaged mannequins.



Dear Grumpy,

I’m in the throes of recruiting and have taken four heavy courses this quarter so I really don’t have a lot of time for social activities. However, I think it’s having a lasting negative effect on me. I still haven’t made it to a single TNDC, I’m embarrassed to ask what an LPF is and am not a member of a single non-recruiting group.  I met someone from my LEAD squad recently at Harper and they asked me if I was a second year! I’m worried I’m becoming one of the invisible 200. What should I do??


Dear Translucent,

Booth is all about finding the tradeoffs that are right for you. Fall is the hardest time of the year for most career tracks so it’s okay to delay some of the fun for later. Having said that, what do you mean you haven’t been to a single TNDC yet??? Are you sure you don’t go to Kellogg? One night’s fun never harmed anyone and the grades really don’t matter.



Dear Grumpy,

I recently attended a recruiting event and met someone truly special. Our eyes connected when this person was handing me a brochure and we spoke for what seemed like hours on the work that company did and how I could fit in. I’m finding it hard to concentrate on everyday things but I’m worried reaching out would hurt my chances at the company which is one of my top targets. Do you think I should go for it?  


Dear Love-struck,