What's News

School hires stunt professionals for reaction boosting workshop:

After complaints of sign up spots vanishing faster than free food in the student lounge, the school hired Hollywood professionals to conduct a workshop on how to improve their reflexes. Said second year participant Rod Tapper, “I signed up when I realized how slow I was with ski trip sign ups. All my friends got in their applications for 9-member houses in at 20 seconds while I was languishing at 47.5. With a few simple tips I learnt at the workshop, I’ve been able to attend every wine club event since! I’m planning to use this for everything from party signups to advising appointments.”

MBA student tries to make endowment:

‘Tis the season of giving. Inspired by the announcement of large grants made recently to both Booth and the University of Chicago, second year student Jim Cho tried to endow the school with a chair. Literally, a chair. Said Jim, “I’ve snoozed in a lot of chairs in my time, but the ones at Booth have got to be the worst. Booth has done so much for me and I want to give back in my own little way, and pay it forward as so many have in the past.” Confused school staff were still debating what to do with the chair, admittedly a paragon of comfort, at the time of publication, although they flatly refused to allow it to be named “The Barbara and Barry Cho Chair of the last row in C08”.


Study room utilization rises:

For possibly the first time in Booth’s history, study rooms are becoming increasingly difficult to book, even in early November. Lest you think this is a sign of an increased academic focus, fret not! Several theories have surfaced on why this is the case. One puts it down to an unusually enthusiastic bunch of first years looking to get a headstart on interview prep. Another, to an unusually cold winter that is making winter garden less hospitable. Finally, notable conspiracy theory linked the phases of the moon and Dean Rajan’s travel plans in a five factor model to explain this rise.