Winter 2019: The Secret Course Menu

By David Vaimberg, Class of 2019

David Vaimberg Headshot.jpg

Hard as it is to believe, we’re more than halfway through Fall quarter. 1Ys have spent the last several weeks settling back into academia, networking for internships (so much for having two years to explore your passions…), joining every club remotely relevant to their professional interests (lol @ MCG & BSG; looks like a merger made in heaven to the banker in me), and now that the first bit of tuition has come due, trying to remember why they decided to attend business school in the first place. 2Ys, on the other hand, are realizing that, this year, overenthusiastic 1Ys will set the curve in their classes, and so it’s about that time to buckle down to get that all-important P (pre-midterms would’ve been ideal, but oh well #turbo).

In the next couple weeks, it’ll be time to choose courses for Winter quarter. One has to only look at the course price history to know what the most popular classes are likely to be – International Corporate Finance, ETA, and M&A Strategy all come to mind. But, it’s news to most Boothies that, just like the secret menu at Chipotle (Quesaritos and Burritodillas, yes please) or Shake Shack (Shack-cago dogs: worth a try just to pay homage to the Windy City), there is actually a secret menu of classes. That’s right, each department offers one class that you have to be in the know about to get in (that’s right 1Ys, you can’t bid these classes up to 6k points like you did Managing in Orgs).

Please see below each department’s secret offering. Good luck getting in!