First Day Round 2: Translated for Admits


Disclaimer: The below article is intended to be humorous, and does not in any way reflect the opinions of the University of Chicago, Booth Admissions, or the First Day coordinating team. It does reflect the opinions of the author.

By David Vaimberg, Class of 2019

Later this week, Round 2 admits and their partners will arrive to Chicago for a weekend of the royal treatment. Dozens of current students will be on hand as volunteers to make the event a success, in a true demonstration of Booth’s “pay it forward” culture. The intent of the weekend is to celebrate the admits, welcome them and their families to the Booth community, and answer any and all questions they have about the school.

Many of us remember our own First Days fondly, whether the weekend convinced us to attend Booth over another school (looking like a pretty good decision now, eh US News?) or was simply a celebration of our decision. At the same time, it can be an overwhelming experience, with countless events and panels and lots of new people to meet. As a result, ChiBus has put together the below First Day weekend schedule to help admits figure out what’s going on


Welcome to the Class of 2020!

Welcome to the Class of 2020!