2018 Catan Tournament Hosted by Booth Strategy Games Club

By Matthew Drews, Class of 2019

By Matthew Drews, Class of 2019

Saturday, May 12th

You walk into the room and gaze at all the beautiful people.  The night is young, and you make a quick stop at the bar, which you note is made of solid Wood.

“Got any IPA?” you ask.

“We got some Ore Dock from up in Michigan” the barkeep replies.

As you take the beer, you notice that annoying person who sits in the front of your Ops class walking up to you with an overly eager look on their face.  Your nemesis orders a Wheat beer, showing you that it was possible to think less of them than you already did.  After interminable blabbering, you begin to realize your nemesis is into you. You brace for how badly this conversation is about to go.

But then a Knight in shining armor approaches, driving away the source of your anguish.

“I love your shirt” your hero opens with.  “What fabric is that?”

“I only wear the finest Wool” you reply, butterflies floating in your stomach.  

“It’s incredible” your hero retorts.  “I’ll have to get one for my fiancé’s birthday”

Crestfallen, you make up an excuse to leave.  Your hero Stole your heart!  Feeling like you want to slam your head into a Brick wall, you wander out into the quiet City, taking the lonely Road back to MPP thinking your weekend is ruined.

But the best part of your weekend has yet to begin! For you were a wise and prescient person, and you bought tickets to the hottest Booth event of the quarter, the Strategy Games Club Catan Tournament.  In Catan, your Ore Dock and Wool could make you the most sought-after person in the realm.  Is your wheat [beer]-loving foe getting too close to you? In Catan, you can block them!  And if you get your heart (and a Brick) stolen, in Catan you can send Knights of your own to mercilessly pillage the lands of your enemies to recover them.

At the Catan tournament, you settle the wonderful island of Catan (twice) with the coolest Boothies you’ve ever met.  In the first round, your opponents squabble over Longest Road (who even goes for that?). You make excellent use of the skills learned in that $3.85 per minute negotiations class to supply road materials to all while you mercilessly amass Development Cards.  Then you unleash the Largest Army Catan has ever seen and manage to flip a critical Marketplace to reach 10 victory points. After a quick break with excellent food and even more excellent company, you’re ready to settle the island again. In the second round, you dominate.  While your neighbors are too busy making jokes about giving each other lumber, you quickly establish supremacy over the wheat and ore, and have four cities and two settlements in less than an hour. With your two wins, you get to take home some of the most fabulous booty (prizes) in the room.

Sure, you failed to find love this weekend, but in the Strategy Games Club Catan Tournament you can claim eternal glory!

And who knows? I heard that cutie in the corner is looking to Settle.

2018 Catan Tournament: Sunday, May 13, 2018 12:00 PM-4:00 PM , NBC Room 140

You will be able to show your skills in conquering an island before anyone else on 2 rounds of "The Settlers of Catan".  Two winners will take eternal glory (until c/o 2020 arrives on campus) and prizes! So, what are you waiting for? Get your sheep ready, and let's trade resources until you conquer Catan!

A training session will be held on May 6 for all those unfamiliar with Catan!

Lunch will be served (if you have any dietary restriction, please let us know). Partners are welcome!