An alternate recap of the Steamboat Ski Trip in December 2018

In our infinite wisdom, we at ChiBus decided that our vast readership would also benefit from reading a non-traditional recap of Ski Trip 2018. Luckily the BSSC co-chairs enabled my laziness by sending out a daily email articulating each days MVPs and LVPs. Here are some of the gems from the trip:

Day 0:

Four brave pioneers from the class of 2019 (including yours truly), who ripped the first shotski of the trip. I should have known it would be a slippery slope from there on out, both in terms of alcohol consumption as well as how many times my backside met the ice while skiing

Day 1:


Mrs. Claus and her elves smashing the patriarchy. TBH the luge was making sure everything and everyone was smashed though.

Rob Lammell for skiing in style and also shushing everyone who claimed that pineapple was a summer fruit. Now if only we could settle that question of whether it belongs on pizzas…


And while the BSSC co-chairs believed that this group of Boothies’ inability to build a pyramid highlighted how unathletic Booth is, my alternate (mandatorily positive) interpretation as an admissions fellow is that it shows how Booth prides itself on always having a flat structure. (Insert pyramid picture, no caption)

Day 2:

The resourceful (and slightly creepy) first years who tracked down White Panda on the slopes. Also, did White Panda use the same algorithm as DeadMau5 to generate his name? And should we expect to see a Blue whale headlining Coachella in 2020?

Day 3:

Day 3.png

"Esther the pink dino" for officially becoming Strawberry Hot Springs' new mascot and enjoying a rapid rise in fame. Subsequently, Chris Pratt was spotted in Steamboat, sparking rumors that he was there to film the next movie in the Jurassic Park series, titled “Raptors in Rapture”

Day 4.gif

Day 4:

The creative and fashionable 1Y who showed that cowboy hats are a versatile fashion accessory, acting as a bridge between generations past and present as well as between glass and mouth.

Day 5:

Day 5 - brazillian crew.jpg

The Brazilian crew proved once again that they knew how to party

Dumb and Dumber.jpg

...but they were pushed close by Drew Ficken and Kevin Strickland - Christmas Dunne right indeed.