The 8 kinds of people you meet on Ski Trip

By Siddharth Sastri, Class of 2019

By Siddharth Sastri, Class of 2019

The ski trip also gave us enough sample size to categorize the participants into a number of different groups. Now, contrary to everything that MCG has taught most of Booth, this list is definitely not MECE, but similar to popular news channels - none of this is based on any kind of actual fact or reality

  1. BSSC co-chairs: Honors students, Majoring in amazing logistical and event planning, with a minor in engaging email communication. Additional props for the dapper neon-colored onesies, allowing for both style and easy identification

  2. The noobs: The brave Boothies pushing their boundaries, and learning how to trudge around awkwardly in their ski boots. Spent an unreasonable amount of time on the Bunny hills (and their backsides), and discovered that Pizzas aren’t always a wonderful, cheesy, gooey, foldable delicacy. On second thought, my inability to execute a pizza did render me a mass of folded goo.

  3. The expert skiers: The exact opposite of the noobs, casually busting out their skills and ski gear and shredding the slopes with a practiced ease. A diverse member list, with a homogeneity similar to the Oscar winners

  4. The herbal explorers: Those who sought to achieve nirvana through the herbal remedies that Colorado had to offer. Some adventurous practitioners found themselves on a different kind of trip, where blue, green, and black diamonds were elements of the visions they received during their enlightenment.

  5. The non-skiers: Honest about their own laziness, and indulged themselves by spending time in the hot-tubs. Prime target for group #7 and group #8.

  6. The “let’s-put-no-effort” crew: Have adopted Slack both as a communication medium and as a way of Life. Literally wore the same set of regular clothes for every theme party, and ate frozen pizzas for every meal.

  7. 1Ys doing consulting prep: ‘nuff said. Identified who the best non-skiers were, and definitely sent thank you emails after. Established a repeatable model for their daily schedule:
    Wake up hungover → Get a ski session → Do a practice case → send thank you emails → Suffer existential crisis and consider not going to the party → suffer FOMO and eventually stagger home nine fireballs later

  8. The arbitrage opportunists: Wouldn’t be Booth without a couple of resourceful opportunistic active investors. Took advantage of the inevitable secondary market for lift and shuttle tickets to pay their B-school tuition.