Betty Booth Joins ChiBus Team as Guest Advice Columnist

Featuring Betty Booth, Class of 1945

Betty Booth Author Photo.jpg

Long revered as a sex guru by her classmates, Betty Booth, class of 1945, has been advising classmates for the last 30 years. Believing she has advice that can be passed on to the millennials of the Booth generation, she has kindly agreed to join the ChiBus team as guest advice columnist. She had requested to do this 20 years ago, but all those requests were addressed to the GSB. Several return to senders later, she finally got a hold of us on Facebook.

Thank you to those who have submitted requests for advice the last few months. Betty was particularly insistent that this be her first response, as she strongly believes that all women should be married with three kids by the age of 25.


Dear Betty Booth,

Three months into the cuffing season, and I have yet to find someone to keep me warm at Booth through the Chicago winter. It was particularly rough this past polar vortex, when I couldn’t even go outside for the three Tinder dates I had lined up. According to USHIP, the love bites aren’t worth the frost bite.

Is there still a chance I’ll ever find my Mr. Right at Booth?


Lonely in the Loop


Dear Lonely in the Loop,

First off, thank you for introducing me to this new age lingo. Cuffing a man meant something very different back in my day, but Ms. Alexa told me it means a lot more than trapping a man into marriage. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s find you a man.

It was a lot easier back in my day. We had the MRSG (the aspiring Mrs. Group), which had far more active members than even your MCG today. I’ve heard that group has been disbanded now, something about the low percentage of single people joining business school these days. Also, it is apparently no longer kosher for companies to sponsor...

So let me give you the same advice they would have given, had the MRSG been active today. You have to use the same rigour I hear you all use now for your corporate jobs

Step one, you source. Some use Tinder, but I’ve heard of this new thing called LinkedIn. There you can even filter out the scoundrels. If you have the loan, I would recommend going for premium.

Step two, you reach out. You heard me right – it’s the 21st century, you can reach out first! Structure of the first email is key, whether you’re a start up looking for funding or a woman looking for a partner. 12 hours for a response is a safe window – you’ve got to give him time to dial up his computer. But then reach out again. Persistence is key. And hey, your eggs aren’t getting any younger!

Step three, get your foot in the door. Remember – it’s a numbers game at this point. The first person who responds might not be the one, but don’t lose hope! Maybe he can refer you to someone better suited for your interests.

Step four, the interview. Back then, the interviews were all behavioural. Sure, strengths and weaknesses are nice to know, but I want to know the family’s medical history. Cases were a lot easier back then too. I mean sure, they were still about profitability, but it was far easier to sum the salaries of two people, minus the cost of educating three children.

Let me know once you land the job man!


Betty Booth