30+ Olds: Boothies Aged Like Fine Wine

Have your friends ever dragged you into a club you didn’t want to be at to begin with?  Members of one unofficial club at Booth can relate on multiple levels. In case you haven’t heard of it, there is an unofficial secret society on-campus.  Not really. But there is an unofficial club known as the 30+ Olds for Full-Time Boothies aged 30+. As per the ceremonial initiation process, newly minted 30-year-old Boothies are extended unsolicited invitations by other 30+ers into a GroupMe chat filled with other 30+ers.  It’s a club that no one really wants to join but everyone seems to love once they’re in. Thus far, the group hasn’t met in-person for any unofficial club events, as the primary club activities seem to revolve around waiting quietly for thirtieth birthdays to roll around, discussing various joint related ailments and sharing memes about growing old.  However, there is certainly massive potential for the group to hold 30+ themed soirees, like a ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ party (i.e. completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle together at someone’s apartment), or throwing a house[plant] party. I, for one, propose we should take a reprieve from working on our night cheese and unite in-person, basking in our elderly wisdom.


Life is not too bad for us 30+ers; sure, we may be dorky enough to actually like the music Mariano’s blares over the speakers, our Facebook feeds are filled with marriage and baby announcements galore, and the only other club we really want to join is Sam’s Club.  But we also have several years of experience to lean on during in-class discussions and recruiting, we are self-aware and we sweat the small stuff less than we may have in our 20’s.  In other words, we like to think that we’ve aged like a fine wine. Speaking of wine, many of us much prefer nights in drinking a glass of wine to going all out for ragers as we did in our 20’s.  Gone are the days of our youth when we could throw up in the bathroom of a grimy bar and continue to rally. Power naps oft replace power hours. One late-night TNDC can spell a 3-day catastrophe, a.k.a. hangover recovery period. That is, if we’re convinced to come out to TNDC at all – bedtime is too early and frankly, once yours truly’s anti-aging serum has been applied, nothing short of emergency can convince her to leave the house.