What bothers me


By: Mike Morris, Class of 2020

Hey y’all, Mike here. Some of you might know me as the guy who eats his steak rare. Others might know me as the guy who got lost and found at a Dairy Queen during the Kentucky Derby. Even if we haven’t met yet, chances are you at least know me as the guy who posts “meh, doesn’t bother me that much” whenever “all hell breaks loose” on Slack. Not too long after the most recent Slackbot incident (I heard it was LatAms), someone asked me to write about what actually does bother me, so here I am.

Hate to disappoint, but there really isn’t anything I can think of. Sure, my roommates might perpetually leave our kitchen surfaces covered in crumbs (only God knows what else). And sure, I may or may not get slightly irritated when I hear “brunch” used as a verb. That’s all I get though…irritated. It’s no more than a fleeting preamble to remind myself this is not a time in life to sweat the small stuff. We’re in business school! Life is a vacation and it’s especially true for these two years. Grades don’t matter (sorry Dean Rajan, Dean Kole) and money is fake…take it from a kid who spent the first few years of his life raised in an Oklahoma trailer park and now gets to pose as a future, global business leader. Booth is a place to grow / develop / prosper and you can’t realize the potential of the business school experience if you’re worried about submitting perfect case write-ups and / or monitoring the proper usage of Slack. Life has legitimate hardships and problems, but they don’t exist here. If you haven’t given in yet, take the rest of your time at Booth in stride and just do what feels right. The only rules should be (1) take care of each other and (2) submit SOMETHING. Seriously, it could be complete gibberish but just submit and you’ll get your B. I’m 7/7 so far and will be damned if not 20/20 this time next year.

We should all have three main objectives while at Booth. First, make as many great, new friends as possible. If you’re not putting that first then you’re just messing up at life in general. Second, travel your ass off. You can make more money, you can’t make more time. We sure as hell won’t have much of it for the three to five years after graduation. Third, get your dream job. If you haven’t yet, trust in the administration. Meanwhile, just enjoy yourself. Take those trips abroad. Drink the extra glass of wine. Smile as big as you can.