Auctions Speaks Louder than Words: Charity Auction at Winter Formal to Benefit Local Organizations

As January comes to a close, Boothies are relieved not to have bidding strategy on their mind. Maybe you spent all your bid points on Professor Epley’s “Designing a Good Life”. Or maybe you’re bid-poor from snagging that coveted consulting interview. Have no fear – you won’t need any bid points for Giving Something Back’s Charity Auction!

Ashish Jha on Why U.S. Healthcare is so Expensive

Most people agree that an ideal health care system is easy to access and provides low cost, high quality care. However, nearly one out of every 10 Americans is uninsured, and approximately 60% are covered by high deductible plans. Nearly one out of every five dollars in the United States is spent on healthcare -- a number much higher compared to the rest of the world. And in return for this investment, we have one of the lowest life expectancies, 78.8 years compared to a mean of 81.7 in other high-income countries.

From LBS to Booth: A Journey Across Continents

Having spent most of this journey at London Business School (LBS), or traveling around Europe for fun or recruiting, I decided to spend a quarter here at Booth to get a taste of the American MBA experience. This led me to reflect on the past, and how I wound up here and not somewhere else.