Music to Study To

Thiago Kodic '16

Thiago Kodic '16

By Thiago Kodic '16

Welcome to the first edition of Music Without Front Ears, where we will try to add a bit of colour, taste and texture to your musical MBA experience. Today we present some instrumental options to enhance your concentration when studying:

Explosions in the Sky – EitS’ music sounds exactly as their name suggests: blissful fireworks of music inside your head. A beautiful mixture of haunting melodies and exciting crescendos and outbursts, this is bound to keep your brain entertained and get at least those creative juices flowing, if not any others.

Favourite track/album: Memorial / The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

If you like this, try: Red Sparowes, God is an Astronaut, Mono, Mogwai, Pelican, Magyar Posse

Apocalyptica – Just like the ex-child-prodigy Boothies who are wasting their talents on consulting, these classically-trained celloists use their skills for evil, torturing their instruments to make sounds that were never supposed to exist. Taking a “screw the man!” approach to classical music, this is a great alternative for those who are tired of listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on repeat.

Favourite track/album: Heat / Apocalyptica (self-titled)

Megadriver – Can’t get away from the videogame enough to figure out the 5 forces of the CAPM? (hint: there are barriers to efficiency). Leverage the bargaining power of your Brownian Motion and trick your brain by listening to metal covers of classic videogame tunes, from Mario to Street Fighter and everything in between. All your competitive advantages are belong to us.

Favourite track/album: Mad Racer / MetalHog (Sonic covers)

If you like this, try: Minibosses, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (for when you can’t stop thinking about Christmas), 331erock (metal covers of famous pop songs on youtube)

Lightning Bolt – Are you dependent on high-intensity trance and caffeine to get you through those long nights of derivatives and econometrics? Have you always wanted to listen to the punk rock equivalent of getting punched in the face by a drunk llama? Then this is the band for you, dear one-percenter. A slightly different take on drum&bass, this onslaught of unending noise-oriented rock will make as much sense as the last-minute formulas you’re cramming. It will remind you of your worst hangovers and will keep you up whatever it takes. As a wise corporate entity once said, this is for when you absolutely, positively, have to make it there. You have been warned - use as a measure of last resort.

Favourite track/album: Dracula Mountain / Wonderful Rainbow

If you like this, try: going to a shrink

In the next issue we’ll discuss the best death metal bands to listen to on a first date, and how to get startup ideas from song lyrics.

About the author: Thiago is a world-class expert at listening to music he enjoy. Please send feedback, band suggestions and death threats to