Music Without FrontEars: Best Music from Belgium

By Thiago Kodic ‘16

Thiago Kodic '16

Thiago Kodic '16

To honour our glorious Belgian contingent at Booth (It is estimated that 4% of the Belgian population attends Booth - think Belgian Halloween Party), we will be looking at some of the best bands to come out of this fine-looking realm.


One of my favourite bands in the BE-NE-LUX region (just kidding, they are awesome anywhere), Zornik fuses a worthy amount of great rock riffs, gentle piano-based melodies, and heartfelt vocals. The final effect is a pop-rock sound with heavier and softer moments, but like a Boothie that goes into general management, is able to execute flawlessly in any context.

Favourite track/album: The Backseat / Crosses


A recurring theme that we will try to keep is, like the work of consultants, to offer you things you already know but wrapped in a slightly different package. In this case we have Scala, an all-female choir that reinterprets classic pop, rock and electronic songs. Like any good cover project, they have their own version of Creep, which, similar to the original, is equally beautiful and creepy.

Favourite track/album: Creep / On The Rocks

In the next edition, be on the lookout for an interactive sound-based crossword puzzle, and a guide to which music styles harmonize best with each type of wine and cheese.

PS: Our previous article was updated to include video links. Check it out!

About the author: Thiago is a world-class expert at listening to music he enjoy. Please send feedback, band suggestions and death threats to tkodic@chicagobooth