Three Boothies' Bucket Lists

Turtle Racing at Big Joe's

Turtle Racing at Big Joe's

As the end of the spring quarter comes to pass, many Boothies begin reflecting on their Booth and Chicago bucket lists -- the list of things they wanted to do before they leave this place. Three Boothies respond with their thoughts of the greatest and/or coolest items they have knocked off of their lists.

Freddy Elorza ‘14: Whirlyball

[Whirlyball is a strange/amazing game that is essentially Jai Alai with a wiffle ball played in bumper cars.]

Miriam Goldberg Owens ‘14: “ Hot Doug's [soon to be closed], Second City, The Field Museum, The Art Institute, Valois, Alinea, Steppenwolf, Maxwell Street Market, Joffrey Ballet, Doc Films, Court Theater, Gorilla Tango”

Jessica Neufeld ‘15:  Turtle Racing at Big Joe's

[Turtle racing is… exactly what it sounds like. Big Joe’s is a bar in Lincoln Square.]