Booth Talent Never Ceases to Amaze

    By Thiago Kodic '16

“I wish that I were that good at  anything "                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Akash.Media

“I wish that I were that good at anything"                                                                                        Photo courtesy of Akash.Media

Recruiters, executives and governments all over the world have known this for decades: Boothies are some of the most talented people out there. We see this talent shine all the time in class, open bars, and bidding rounds, but recently we had the opportunity to experience it directly from our colleagues on a stage, and rocked out to incredible performances during TNDC: Lollapabootha.

Lollapabootha offered something for everyone. Piano Man Anthony Dedousis ’16 began with a romantic touch, Dwij Garg ’16 played a D-Wizzy DJ set on guitar, Shelley Gupta ’16 and Eric Jeng ’15 moved us with their acoustic pieces, and Cassius King gave us hard rock bagpipes, west-coast rap, and everything in-between. Finally, we had plenty of rock ’n’ roll classics from High Leverage.

The performances were incredible, and all stops were pulled. Cassius King reminded us that we’re the best business school with Uptown Funk, and also the nerdiest with an Oracle of Omaha themed rap that could only be named Forgot about Buff. “If I’d have known the bar was set this high, I’d have signed up to play” commented an overachiever in the crowd. High Leverage brought a frickin’ talk box to give us Daft Punk, and then flawlessly executed Freebird for a perfect end to the show, leaving many of us thinking: I wish I were that good at anything. The night’s festivities were also a chance to prove that the Additional Information in their resumes was not entirely made up. A couple of multi-instrumentalists in the crowd even promised to top this year’s show: “Next year we are bringing a full-on orchestra!”.

In the next issue we’ll review the most appropriate food-music pairings, and investigate the role of silent music in modern business.

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