Your guide to preparing for fall re-recruiting

by Sara Mangiapane '15

Sara Mangiapane '15

Sara Mangiapane '15

What to do now

Know whether you want to re-recruit: Many of you may already know that you want to re-recruit with companies you did not get an internship offer from this past fall. But for those of you who got one of your top choices, know that re-recruiting in the fall may reveal new opportunities and give you some leverage to negotiate offers.

Send an email now to recruiters: Especially if you did not get an offer from their firm, remind recruiters you’re still interested and explain how your internship this summer will prepare you well for a full-time position.

Identify the key skills you want to develop: This will enable you to better focus your internship and reap the right benefits. For example, if you want to develop more quantitative skills, work with your manager to ensure your project has an analytical work stream. You want your summer experience to be incremental to your existing tool kit.

During the internship

Keep updating your resume over the summer with your newly acquired skills: The due date to upload resumes into GTS is July 27th, and you don’t want it to be the same resume from last fall. It will also be much easier than recalling everything in October after vacations, Random Walks, and LEAD.

Meet with other firms: Whether it is by phone or in person, it is great to follow-up with your contacts. However, when you do meet with other companies, be both respectful and discreet. Don’t be away from the office for hours or put these appointments on your work calendar that everyone can see. When talking about your internship, do not speak ill of your manager, your clients, or the company. Not only is this unprofessional, but word may also get back to your manager.  

Check GTS regularly: Companies that recruit for full time may hold on- or off-campus events as early as September. Start checking GTS in mid-July for events and for job postings that have deadlines before classes start.

Next fall

Follow-up with recruiters/alums: Ask whether there are full-time openings and share your summer experiences with them. Remember, you are a better candidate than you were last fall, and recruiters are interested in hearing about your development.

Talk to friends: Get the inside scoop on other companies from friends who interned there. They can share the good and the bad about their summer experience and let you know if full-time spots are open. In fact, many companies will ask their interns to recommend classmates for unfilled positions.

Nail down your story: Whether you received a full-time offer or not, have a clear story that links your summer internship and your recruiting efforts. Recruiting for the Big 3 consulting firms just because you didn’t get an offer last year is not enough. How does your summer experience support the next step you want to take in your career? If you’re having trouble crafting your story, attend Career Service’s Position your Summer Experience in October for tips.

Sara is a Career Advisor and enjoys second bites at apples.