Staying Sane During the Interview Process

Staying Sane During the Interview Process

By: Ayush Sood ‘16 and Suzanna Barnard ‘16

Suzanna Barnard, '16                                                     Ayush Sood '16


We’ve all been there. You’ve put in your blood, sweat and tears; you’ve given up your past hedonistic ways (farewell, TNDC); and your suit game is single-handedly keeping your local dry cleaner in business.

Then the day finally arrives, and things don’t quite go as planned. Maybe your case math is wrong and you estimate annual demand for hula hoops in Papua New Guinea at 371 per person. Maybe that anecdote about a time you failed morphs into a tragic soliloquy about all your past personal and professional calamities. The end result is the same: thanks, but no thanks.

Face it -- anyone who says they’ve never bombed an interview is either lying, or does not know what a “no” means. Let’s address the elephant in the room: much like your Tinder profiles, you won’t have a 100% hit rate with your interviews.

We’re here to help you ensure that your sanity is still intact before, during and after interviews.

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

Before: Obviously, preparation for interviews is key. But at a certain point, it’s important to stop doing company research and overthinking your fit question responses. Making last minute tweaks two minutes before the interview will only make you second guess yourself. Instead, take a walk to calm your nerves, and maybe listen to your personal anthem whilst striking power poses in the second floor bathroom at Harper.


During: Something might happen in the interview that gets you rattled. You might garble an answer, or the interviewer might intentionally push your buttons to see how you respond. Don’t break character. Take a breath, collect yourself and keep going. You’ve already done whatever you could to prepare up until this point. All you need now is confidence. Confidence that you can divide 7.564 by π. Confidence that you can MECE the heck out of MECE. Confidence that you will ultimately emerge victoriously from this interview.


After: Resilience. This one word encapsulates everything you need to be successful in this process. Interviewing is a mind game more than anything else. Understanding that each interview’s outcome is independent is key to winning this game. So, try and shut out the failures from your previous interviews, and do not think for a second that you were an admissions mistake. Talk to people: your classmates are always ready to help boost your confidence and we are available 24/7 for a chat. Finally, do not overlook the importance of your parents and family members. Because whatever happens, your mom will always be proud of you.


Best of luck and we hope to see you back at TNDC soon!


Ayush is a 2nd year Career Advisor who changed his recruiting anthem from Queen’s “Breakthrough” in his first year to Ozzy Osbourne’s “No more tears” in second year.

Suzanna is a 2nd year Career Advisor who copes with stress by lip syncing to Ludacris on the treadmill and downing pints of ice cream (rarely at the same time)