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Rediscovering Hyde Park

By R. Bryan Jensen, Class of 2017

By R. Bryan Jensen, Class of 2017

Close your eyes and picture yourself leaving your apartment and heading to school. What’s your plan? Class, a short stop in the Winter Garden, lunch at the awesome food trucks, and an Uber to get as far away from Hyde Park as you can. Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to convince you to stick around Hyde Park and explore a growing neighborhood. I did a little research and polled the UChicago Law School students so I wouldn’t mess this one up. They spend most of their three years in Chicago within a 4-mile radius of the law library, so I figured they would have a few Hyde Park tips.


"The Point" is located on Lake Michigan and 55th Street in Hyde Park.

"The Point" is located on Lake Michigan and 55th Street in Hyde Park.

53rd Street has tons of restaurants from Five Guys to Giordano’s. Cafe Bonjour (1550 E 55th St) is one law student’s “favorite spot to feel like a local at one of Hyde Park’s gems.” Piccolo Mondo (1642 E 56th St), “a classy, secret dinner spot off the typical beaten path,” has amazing Italian food. Medici (1327 E 57th St) “has a fun vibe and Obama frequented there a lot.” Want a heart-attack in a chicken wing? Harold’s Chicken (1208 E 53rd St) delivers “fried goodness.” And Yusho’s (1301 E 53rd St) “buns are out of this world!” Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap (1172 E 55th St), a local staple, was featured in The New York Times, A10 (1462 E 53rd St) has great Italian and French faire, and Kilwin’s (5226 S Harper Ave) serves tasty desserts.


With warmer weather coming, check out 57th Street Beach and “The Point,” beautiful spots for sports and grilling on the lake. The Revival Comedy Club (1160 E 55th St) just opened and features law professors! A Japanese garden cradles the awesome Museum of Science and Industry (5700 S Lake Shore Dr), and if all else fails, one law student says, “People can come hang at my place. My dad bought me beer!"

So get out and explore Hyde Park. Dare I say, you just might enjoy it!

R. Bryan Jensen lives in Hyde Park with his wife and adorable daughter.

Man “Meats” BBQ

By Bryan Shu, Class of 2016

By Bryan Shu, Class of 2016

It’s my first time alone in Lincoln Park. Within seconds of entering the backyard gate, someone takes a bite out of a gyro and hands it to me. This is one of those moments where you decide what type of person you are: the type to carefully manage a first impression, or the type that takes a bite. I chose the latter and it was awesome!

One part competition, two parts block party: on the last Thursday of each month, ManBQue “meats” at a new Chicago backyard location to test patrons’ culinary skills. Offerings range from humble to haute, and ample craft beer and cheerful company (brewers, execs, and bloggers) make it a unique TNDC pregame. Despite the name, female contenders are welcome. Grills are provided. The rest is “BYO”.

ManBQue, May 26th, online at: www.manbque.com.

Bryan Shu enjoys using portmanteaus excessively.